Julia Grace’s story

The Quest for Grace Foundation is named for our own foster child, Julia Grace, who came to live with us at the age of 5½ months. At that time, she was severely developmentally delayed. After six months in our home, she not only met but exceeded her developmental milestones.

For three years, she continued to thrive in our home, but ultimately she was returned to her biological parents. Saying goodbye was devastating and heartbreaking, but we were determined to make something good from this loss.

During our time as foster parents, we saw frsthand many other stories of abuse and heartbreak and began to understand that tragic stories among children in foster care are commonplace. While our pain was unique to us, it wasn’t unique in the foster care system. We also learned that one of the biggest problems facing these children is their dire need of belongings. 

Although we didn’t feel that we could continue with the rigors and pain of giving our heart away to a single foster child, we decided that we could put smiles on the faces of many foster children by starting our foundation. We believe that with hope and optimism any pain is bearable and any goal is attainable. That’s the story of The Quest for Grace Foundation and the reason we reach out to you for support.

“I recently visited you with my newly placed 12-month-old. He was the beautiful blond boy sleeping in the car. Remember we tried on sandals while he slept. You not only sent me away with the sandals but also with adorable outfits, toys and even a soft blue hand-made blanket. I was so overcome with emotion that I don’t know if I thanked you properly. The next evening we had a 1st birthday party for him. We showered him with your beautiful gifts, plus a few of our own. He loved the toys and slept so peacefully that night with his hand wrapped around his soft new blanket.”