The Quest for Grace Foundation wishes to thank all of its generous donors and supporters who enable us to continue our mission of providing clothing and other items to foster children in the Capital Region. 

We would especially like to thank all those who have and continue to support our Annual Golf Event and Gala Fundraiser.

While it isn’t possible for us to provide the name of each individual who generously provide us with monetary support, donated goods and the gift of their time throughout the year, please know how deeply we appreciate your help. We could not do this without you. 

Thank you to all!

“My wife and I heard about the Quest for Grace Foundation and how you help foster children. We agreed not to exchange birthday gifts as we have the good fortune to not truly need anything that we don’t already have, but sometimes I cheat and buy her something anyway. She asked me if I had bought her anything (which I hadn’t) and then asked that I send money to the Foundation instead. I thought that was a great idea and enclose my check. God bless you for your hard work and charity on behalf of foster children.”

—Scott and Tracey