Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does The Quest for Grace Foundation do? 

A. The Quest for Grace Foundation provides free clothes, toys, and infant equipment for Upstate New York’s foster children. Each child receives 6 outfits, underwear, socks, shoes, pajamas, coat or bathing suit, toys, books and miscellaneous items. Infants may receive a crib, crib mattress, car seat, high chair or stroller. All items are subject to availability and eligibility.

Q. Who is eligible? 

A. Foster children in an Upstate New York foster home holding a Foster Parents’ license in good standing. Foster children qualify after their 72-hour hearing that determines they are to stay in care. Senior citizens or relatives aged 65 and older given custody of their grandchildren through Department of Social Services (DSS) or relatives caring for children in DSS custody placed into approved-relative foster homes are also eligible.

Q. Who is not eligible? 

A. A foster child whose biological parents’ parental rights have been terminated is not eligible if the foster child is in the process of being adopted by those same foster parents with whom the foster child resides.

Q. How often may I visit? 

A. Foster children may visit twice yearly. They can receive summer clothes, toys and infant equipment once in March through September and winter clothes and supplies during the September through March period. Infants may receive clothing as they grow until they are in size 12-month clothes, after which, they may receive clothing twice yearly.

Q. How may my foster child get clothes, toys, and infant equipment? 

A. Call Michelle at (518) 301-5662 to make an appointment. After you have an appointment, call your case worker and ask her/him to call or e-mail to verify the eligibility of the child/children including status.

Q. Where is The Quest for Grace Foundation located? 

A. We are located at 802 Union Street in Schenectady, NY. Please click the “Directions” link above for more details.

“The setup at Quest for Grace’s store is truly outstanding. It really looks like a store, with racks and hangers and cute displays with wonderful things to see and touch. Our foster daughter was allowed to explore and she was so thrilled to be able to pick out books and toys to bring home. We actually don’t know what she likes more—playing in their play area or bringing home books and toys. Our bi-yearly trips there are family highlights for us now, both to do our “shopping” and to donate things back. We all love the great feelings we get from visiting Quest for Grace!